Extra large lunch bags forextra-ordinary women.

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Whether you work long hours, have more than one mouth to feed throughout the day, or simply eat more than a rabbit when you finally snag a few minutes to refuel—ordinary lunch boxes don't cut it.

Say goodbye to:
  • Supermodel sizes

  • Obnoxiously colorful kiddie couture

  • Bulky, construction site coolers

Qontevo is for the rest of us.

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Space & Function

Don't sacrifice your condiments or extra goodies because of lack of room! Our bags are spacey (not bulky) and feature a slew of pockets. And with our strap versatility you can finally carry your meals carefree.

+ Style

First impressions are everything. Don't throw off your vibe with an obnoxious or poorly designed lunch bag. Instead, choose from one of the many chic Qontevo designs, created to fit your style preferences.

= Your Favorite Bag

Keep your goodies cool, organized, and ready to whip out at the office, the game, or wherever your day takes you.

Top off your favorite bag with your favorite utensils.

Eating on the fly is now both convenient and socially responsible. Ditch the single-use plastics for your own 4-piece set of travel utensils, complete with a silicone case.


Our Favorite Lunch Bags

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Sarah Sawall, founder and designer of Qontevo insulated lunch bags for women

Hey there,

I'm Sarah.

When I was juggling parenting three active teenagers and a career, all while trying to eat healthy and stay physically active, I found myself frustrated by the available lunch bags.

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Pack a day's worth of food, snacks, and drinks in a bag that matches your unique style.

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