About Qontevo

Here there, I'm Sarah. The founder and owner of Qontevo.

When I was juggling parenting three active teenagers and a career, all while trying to eat healthy and stay physically active, I found myself frustrated by the available lunch bags.

I was often away from home all day and needed a lunch bag large enough to hold a day's worth of meals and snacks, as well as my oversized water bottle. But, I also wanted it to seamlessly integrate with my personal style. That's why I founded Qontevo.

Qontevo was designed specifically to help those who work long hours. Our meal prep bags are thoughtfully crafted with the features and space you need to get through your day. Not only do they provide ample storage for food, snacks and drinks, but also keep items organized and easily accessible

It’s all in the name: why we chose Qontevo (con-tee-vo)

Our name derives phonetically from the Portuguese word “Contevo”, which translates into English as “I contain”. While our products may contain the day’s essentials, our mission is to inspire and support you to show up at your full potential, bringing out the best you contain.