About Qontevo

qontevo about us modern stylish lunch bags for women

Our company was founded because we were completely underwhelmed by the flavorless women's lunch bags that we were seeing in the marketplace. We knew it was time for a change. Women don't just need a way to bring food on-the-go; they desire creative designs and bold colors that support their unique individuality. With each product, we have YOU in mind.  

It’s all in the name: why we chose Qontevo (con-tee-vo)

Our name derives phonetically from the Portuguese word, “Contevo”, meaning “I contain”. 

At Qontevo, we hope to inspire and empower a generation of women in starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle...one packed meal at a time. We believe that when we make healthy choices we feel good, gain confidence, and ultimately bring out the best we contain. Qontevo isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle.



Quiet the mind

Open the soul

Nourish the body

Think positively

Exercise regularly

Value yourself

Own your life


Our mission is to create uniquely designed meal prep lifestyle bags and accessories that inspire and empower all women in starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle...one packed meal at a time.



Our vision is to inspire women to be active, healthy, and bold while taking control of their on-the-go nutrition. 



Quality products and service achieved through pride of workmanship.

Original and unafraid of being different.

No bureaucracy and always ready to adapt to the changing environment.

Timely respond to and treat our customers as valued friends.

Elevate and develop others from whatever position they currently hold in life.

Value creation by offering products that inspire and support a healthy lifestyle.

Offer ourselves up in order to make a difference.