Grocery Shopping for Healthy Eating

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It can be overwhelming to navigate the grocery store, but with a few easy tips, you can make savvy and mindful selections that will help promote healthier habits – beginning your journey towards optimal wellbeing!

Our Top 3 Tips...

Plan Ahead

Before setting foot in the store, plan out your meals for the week ahead and make a list of the ingredients that you need. This will help keep you focused only on the items you need, help prevent impulse buys, and keep you from overspending on groceries.

Shop the Perimeter

Most grocery stores are laid out in similar fashion. The perimeter is where all the fresh foods are located—fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products—while processed foods are usually found in the center aisles. To ensure that you buy healthy food items, focus on shopping around the perimeter as much as possible and limit your purchases from center aisles unless necessary. These items should form the bulk of your shopping cart. 

Look at Nutrition Labels

Once you’ve selected all of your desired items from around the perimeter of the store, it’s time to venture into those dreaded center aisles. When selecting items from these sections, always read the nutrition labels carefully before putting them into your cart. Pay attention to calories per serving size as well as sugar content since these can add up quickly without careful monitoring. Also look at ingredient lists; if there are more than five ingredients listed or any words that sound like chemicals or preservatives then it’s best to avoid those foods altogether.   

Happy Shopping!

Grocery shopping for healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming when done right! With these simple tips in mind, grocery shopping for healthy eating will become second nature in no time!


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