hey there, I'm Sarah.

Sarah Sawall, Qontevo's Founder and Designer

When I was juggling parenting three active teenagers and a career, all while trying to eat healthy and stay physically active, I found myself frustrated by the available lunch bags. 

I was often away from home all day and needed a lunch bag large enough to hold a day's worth of meals and snacks, as well as my oversized water bottle. But, I also wanted it to seamlessly integrate with my personal style. That's why I founded Qontevo.

At Qontevo, we know that you want to be prepared to seize the day while keeping yourself fueled nutritionally. To best do that, you need a spacious & functional lunch bag. But, most lunch bags are too small and aren't practical, meaning you have to lug around two or three, or worse yet, use the kind of cooler our dads carried to the factory or construction site. 

We believe you ought to have one bag that’s large enough to hold everything you need without compromising on style. So, that's just what we made for you.